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Planning. Commitment. Execution.

We have extensive experience in syndicated, bi-lateral and direct lending transactions. We specialise in replacing existing agents in loan restructurings to eliminate a conflict of interest.

Lucid Agency and Trustee Services Limited provides independent, conflict-free, third-party loan agency, security agency and bond trustee services. Servicing the bond and loan markets, Lucid has built its reputation on providing proactive and bespoke services to its clients.

Loan Agency – Transaction Management

Deal Closing – managing CP process with legal counsel

Drawdowns – notifying lenders of amounts due on drawdown, receiving lender funds and paying proceeds to the borrower

Calculating amounts due under the loan – rate fixing, notifying borrower of interest and principal due to lenders, notifying lender shares

Payments – receiving amounts due from the borrower under the credit agreement and paying lenders

Loan maintenance – managing requests for waivers and amendments

Information – receiving financial information (and other deliverables) from the borrower and sending it to the lenders

Lender Transfers – managing the transfer of positions between lenders

Default – notifying lenders when aware of a default and representing lenders in default discussions.

Security Agency and Trustee

Acting as holder of security on behalf of creditors or lenders

Holding collateral (e.g. share certificates)

Enforcing security

Holding proceeds of enforcement

Distributing enforcement proceeds

Filing claims in bankruptcy proceedings

Allocating distributions according to post enforcement waterfalls.

Bond Trustee

Acting as Bond Trustee under the indenture or trust deed

Conflict-free proposition, representing bondholders’ interests.

Successor Agency and Trustee

Replacing existing agent or trustee on deals to facilitate creditor strategy in default situations

Eliciting consents to proposed schemes of arrangements, working with Lucid Issuer Services Limited, as appropriate

Filing claims in bankruptcy proceedings

Enforcement of creditor’s rights under transaction documents on distressed transactions

Taking the benefit of new security for creditors pre- and post-scheme

Acting as new agent or trustee on post scheme financings

Posting information to creditors during restructurings

Acting as Intercreditor Agent across different classes of debt.

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Pro-active & Bespoke.

Lucid Agency & Trustee Services provides a conflict free, flexible and highly efficient administrative services to the global loan market.

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