With its agile approach, unrivalled experience and regulatory authority, Lucid is uniquely positioned to assist its clients.


Lucid can draw on extensive experience of complex, multi-jurisdictional debt restructurings across different sectors. We work collaboratively with creditor / lender groups and their counsel helping them achieve satisfactory outcomes.


Sometimes, the optimal strategy for an instructing group is to enforce security. As a conflict-free, non-lending agent with experience of enforcing security across different jurisdictions, we are able to assist creditors with their enforcement strategies.

Quick Decisions

We recognize that deals move fast. Our commercial and nimble approach allows us to make fast, educated and calculated decisions in response to requests from lender / creditor groups. As we are not a lender, we do not need to refer decisions to internal credit or compliance committees thus reducing turnaround times.


Lucid are open to to using the same counsel as the lender group, which enhances our ability to execute our roles and reduces overall transaction costs.

We have longstanding relationships with market leading law firms, financial advisors and technology firms: collaborating closely with our partners results in superior deal execution.

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Lucid Agency & Trustee Services provides conflict free, flexible and highly efficient administrative services to the global loan market.